Cyberboard is a windows tool to emulate the game box of your favorite game - the board, the pieces, the cards, and the dice. Better than that, it also emulates a video recorder - recording all the moves in a game for playback. The rules are provided by you, however.

The newest version of Cyberboard is available at

Games completed (in order of most recent play) include:

  1. Rush N Crush (AEG) bgg
  2. Talisman (GW) bgg
  3. Ice Flow (Ludorum) bgg
  4. Sack Rome - The Barbarians (Yaquinto) bgg
  5. Through the Ages (FRED) bgg
  6. Dead of Night (web) bgg
  7. Demo Derby : Saturday Night at the Track (Mayfair) bgg
  8. Zombiegeddon (Twilight Creations) bgg
  9. Twilight Struggle (GMT) bgg
  10. Rush N Crush (Hexagames) bgg
  11. Mongol - The Barbarians (Yaquinto) bgg
  12. Zombie Plague (DTP) bgg
  13. Powerboats (Cwali) bgg
  14. Mordred (Warfrog) bgg
  15. White Knights (Target) bgg
  16. Constellation (Helmut Kimpel) bgg
  17. Source of the Nile (AH) bgg
  18. Wabbit Wampage (Pacesetter) bgg
  19. Blood Bowl (GW) bgg
  20. Mystic Wood (Gibson/AH) bgg
  21. Crayon Rails - Empire Builder et al (Mayfair) bgg
  22. Advanced Civilization (AH) bgg
  23. Fortress America (MB) bgg
  24. Britannia (AH/FFG) bgg
  25. Tahiti (3W) bgg cyberboard
  26. Lord of the Rings Risk (MB) bgg
  27. Solar Trader (Solar Games) bgg
  28. Dungeonquest (GW) bgg
  29. Drakon (FFG) bgg
  30. Diamant (Devir) bgg
  31. Demonlord (Heritage/Dwarfstar) bgg
  32. Civilization (AH) bgg
  33. Freedom in the Galaxy (SPI/AH) bgg
  34. Axis and Allies (MB) bgg
  35. Broadsides and Boarding Parties (MB) bgg

The best kinds of games for Cyberboard are games where each player makes their move with no interruptions from their opponent. Cyberboard, and Play by Email in general, are not well suited to a game where each move can be interrupted by card play, reaction moves, etc. For that sort of thing, consider a network game engine such as ZunTzu.

If you are interested in getting a copy of a gamebox that I have designed or modified, or you'd like to challenge me to a game, or even if you would like me to host a game for you and your friends, drop me a line.